fredag 15 oktober 2010

Self-Introduction - Niklas

My area of expertise is graphics, not in technical detail but aesthetics, so I often focus on that for better or worse when I pick a game. If I find the aesthetic repulsive I usually avoid it even if it’s popular. Because of that I have missed lots of good games.

But when I play, the most important aspect is game play. Since it’s a game not an art exhibition, you want more than visual satisfaction.

Some personal statistics;
Favorite genre(s): Platform, Puzzle, Third-person adventure/action,

Favorite system(s): GBA Micro (it’s not backward compatible such as the other GBA systems, but I still love the size and format of it), PS2,

Favorite Game(s): Well, every time I get that question I always say “Super Mario Bros 3, Adventures of Lolo 3 & Megaman 2 for the NES” without thinking, but when I try to use my brain for once I mention, Metal Gear Solid: Twin snakes, Earthbound (Mother 2), Shadow of the Colossus, Hitman: Blood Money, Portal, Pokémon ?, Tenchue 2, Blade Runner, Neverhood, Gitaroo man lives, Pretty Solider Sailor Moon: Another Story , We Love Katamari, Fire´n ice, Chrono Cross, Paper Mario, GTA: Vice City, Fatal Frame/Project Zero.
But ask me again in a week and I have changed my mind…

Since this post makes me look like rabid gamer that thinks that games it the ultimate medium, I must emphasis that I love literature, film, music and painting/illustration. Every medium has their own advantages and limitation, but since I’m probably going to write about this later on, let´s save the details for later and enjoy a cup of “Orange Jaipur” tea while we wait.

//Niklas Åhs

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