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Review - Fetus (PC)

FETUS, an indie game by Ted Lauterbach

Since I saw the trailer to the sequel recently, I decided to talk about its the predecessor “Fetus”, a puzzle platform game to the PC:e and web browsers.

It was an entry in one of GameJolts competition, the theme at that occasion was “Minimal” something that T.Lauterbach interpreted as “Minimal amount of sense and colors”

Let’s summarize the story real quick.
The game is about the blue creature named Aramas, which is trapped in “nether-regions of the abyss” by a fetus, and Aramas can’t wait to give the fetus some payback. The only trouble is that the Fetus can only be harmed by the hand of the undead.
So Aramas builds a time traveling device to transport himself back when he is dead. You play as Aramas before he dies and along the way you will meet your own ghost that has traveled back in time to kill Fetus.
Pretty brain boggling stuff, but it certainly remains true to the creator’s intention

The story is never told in game, so you have to either use your imagination and build something by vague clues or read the story separately online, in that old school kind of way.
But the story aren’t necessary to enjoy the game, all you need to know is that you are trapped and need to solve some puzzles.

Game play
Your goal is to get to the big screen television that show statics to get to the next level, but the hitch is that it can be kind of hard to reach since your character can’t jump, but do not worry the “Abyss” don’t play by the rules of physics.
If you walk off-screen you appear on the opposite side, so if you jump down a pit you can fall down on the platform above you, you can also get stuck in a never ending fall if you aren’t careful.

In some of the later levels is the big television inactive, but small television scattered over the room are showings statics instead. If you turn all of them of, it will activate the large one so that you can continue.

The only real obstacles are some laser that instantly kills you, witch you need to bypass with the help of various tools. To your disposal you have Boxes, Gravitation switches, buttons.

The box is just a box, but the laser can’t penetrate them and they are kind of heavy, which comes in handy if you need to press a button that won’t stay put.

The button summons a box in a designated advantageous position as long as it’s pressed.

The Gravitation switch, does exactly what its name implies but it only affect the object or individual that touches it, which can lead to some odd sights, such as boxes in the ceiling.

It’s not very challenging, you can breeze through most of the puzzle even if you only have a half a brain (not literary since corpses are bad players).

Graphics and sound
“It’s just one of those rare occasions when a game is actually better off without music”

Personally I don’t like the bleak atmosphere, but I like the visuals, very sparse and to the point but the sound ruins that somewhat for me, statics and silence aren’t the greatest ear candy.
I like to have something to listen to when I think, it may not improve my thinking abilities but its makes it more relaxing.
But that’s just me, quit a few people like this kind of atmosphere as the quotation above shows.

It’s a very short game but since it was made for a compo it’s understandable.

Gameplay switching gravity is always interesting mechanic but combined with a wrap around screen? Good fun.
Graphics as I mentioned early I like the graphics but they lack polish.
Sound yeah, it’s pretty silent, something that you either hate or love.
Replay value, none, the bane of most puzzle games.

Go and grab the game at Gamejolt

I have high hopes for the sequel "suteF" now that it have had a longer production time, I really want my brain to sizzle completing a hard puzzle. Take a look at the trailer, its looks grand, the graphics are overhauled and it will actually feature music to some extent.

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Coming soon!

fredag 15 oktober 2010

Self-Introduction - Niklas

My area of expertise is graphics, not in technical detail but aesthetics, so I often focus on that for better or worse when I pick a game. If I find the aesthetic repulsive I usually avoid it even if it’s popular. Because of that I have missed lots of good games.

But when I play, the most important aspect is game play. Since it’s a game not an art exhibition, you want more than visual satisfaction.

Some personal statistics;
Favorite genre(s): Platform, Puzzle, Third-person adventure/action,

Favorite system(s): GBA Micro (it’s not backward compatible such as the other GBA systems, but I still love the size and format of it), PS2,

Favorite Game(s): Well, every time I get that question I always say “Super Mario Bros 3, Adventures of Lolo 3 & Megaman 2 for the NES” without thinking, but when I try to use my brain for once I mention, Metal Gear Solid: Twin snakes, Earthbound (Mother 2), Shadow of the Colossus, Hitman: Blood Money, Portal, Pokémon ?, Tenchue 2, Blade Runner, Neverhood, Gitaroo man lives, Pretty Solider Sailor Moon: Another Story , We Love Katamari, Fire´n ice, Chrono Cross, Paper Mario, GTA: Vice City, Fatal Frame/Project Zero.
But ask me again in a week and I have changed my mind…

Since this post makes me look like rabid gamer that thinks that games it the ultimate medium, I must emphasis that I love literature, film, music and painting/illustration. Every medium has their own advantages and limitation, but since I’m probably going to write about this later on, let´s save the details for later and enjoy a cup of “Orange Jaipur” tea while we wait.

//Niklas Åhs

Self-Introduction - David

First things second, a short introduction. I am David, one of two fun-loving contributors of this here corner of cyberspace. I will act as the main textual editor of posts, their direction sprung from mutual consent with my friend, co-command and graphical designer of this blog, Niklas.

Some personal statistics;
Favorite genre(s): Platforming, Adventure (including Point&Click), RPG, Puzzle, Fighting (to some extent)

Least favorite genre: FPS/First Person Shooter (especially those with voice-chat)

Favorite system: Game Boy Light/Color/Advance SP, DS Lite, Playstation 2, Windows XP Professional

Favorite game(s): Super Mario (Bros.3, Land, RPG, 64, Paper (1), NeWii), Metroid (2, 3, 4, Prime), Mega Man (2-6, 9, X & X4), Yoshi's Island, Tetris Attack, Kirby (Dreamland series & Super Star Ultra), Mother/Earthbound series, Chrono Trigger, Tales Of Phantasia, TMNT4 - Turtles in Time, Donkey Kong ('94 & Country-games), Wario Land (2 & 3), The Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening DX, Windwaker), Pokémon (main franchise), Banjo Kazooie, Mystical Ninja (N64 titles), Boktai, WarioWare Inc. - Mega Microgame$, Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga, Rhythm Tengoku, Drill Dozer, Astro Boy - Omega Factor, Golden Sun+The Lost Age, Fire Emblem (7 & 9), Castlevania (Rondo of Blood, Aria Of Sorrow), Ys I&II (TurboGrafx), Sonic Jam, Panzer Dragoon, Vib Ribbon, Tekken Tag Tournament, Devil May Cry (1 & 3), Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon, Ōkami, The Curse of Monkey Island, Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II, Katamari (the concept in general?)
(more to come...)

Other: To get a teensy bit more personal, when I'm not playing games(!) I am a student of religion, with the intention of understanding humanity in a better way. Another way into this as I see it is through mastering language. Currently I study japanese to prepare for field-studies (and for a possible future as scanlator/fansubber in my free time) but also plan to learn latin someday. Anyway, prepare for some possibly interesting input, with this academic luggage in mind (although, don't get your hopes up)!

Hello there, potential follower!

As the title very subtly conveys, the main theme of this co-op blogging project is digital games, reflections surrounding a gaming lifestyle and several facets of the medium in general, not necessarily always closing in on what you would classify as games right off the bat (but who does not like surprises, hmm~?). You may even find it to be a little peculiar, or rather quite so. Our motto could be summed up as this; Dinosaurs may be old and boney, but they still pack a punch!. Contemplate that statement for a while, then have a good read.

So, what makes us special? Well, one thing is that instead of acting out a fetish for retrospective, pre21st century digital entertainment or going with the motto as technology makes development, so do fun respectively, our focus is intended to be of a more wide nature, encompassing all that is worth of the attention, new and old. That aside, of course we have certain preferences that should become clear to you over time (*hint* It's in the title!). Emphasis on we, as this blog is after all moderated by two persons. Special indeed.

Here is to hoping you will drop by at least twice!
// David & Niklas