fredag 15 oktober 2010

Hello there, potential follower!

As the title very subtly conveys, the main theme of this co-op blogging project is digital games, reflections surrounding a gaming lifestyle and several facets of the medium in general, not necessarily always closing in on what you would classify as games right off the bat (but who does not like surprises, hmm~?). You may even find it to be a little peculiar, or rather quite so. Our motto could be summed up as this; Dinosaurs may be old and boney, but they still pack a punch!. Contemplate that statement for a while, then have a good read.

So, what makes us special? Well, one thing is that instead of acting out a fetish for retrospective, pre21st century digital entertainment or going with the motto as technology makes development, so do fun respectively, our focus is intended to be of a more wide nature, encompassing all that is worth of the attention, new and old. That aside, of course we have certain preferences that should become clear to you over time (*hint* It's in the title!). Emphasis on we, as this blog is after all moderated by two persons. Special indeed.

Here is to hoping you will drop by at least twice!
// David & Niklas

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